• "nh" as part of (mock) etiquette: "Showing an opponent that u like or don't like his/her hand or play".
    nh, the short form for "nice hand", is used by players while playing poker and has different meanings:

    • If you have the winning/losing hand.
      • Nice Hand.
      • I didn't see it coming.
      • Luck box. (also known as lb)
      • Well, next time I get you.
      • You have won the battle, but I will win the war.
      • A wonder u were born with a brain.
      • Terrible, bad play, but think also in future it is a profitable and good one. (preventing skill-development)
      • Fish, donk, Karpfen, Hure, Freier, Wichser, Mutter- oder Hühnerficker, 0-Brainer, motherfucker oder other not nice words.

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