Forwared from „stakee“

  • A name for a player that another player is invested in by either contributing money or coaching in exchange for a part of the profits that the invested in player makes at the tables. A stakee can also be called a horse by the player who has invested into them.
    Stakee usually agree upon a staking by another player in exchange for a part of the profits. If a player feels he is so good that there is less risk of ruin for the staker he can consider charging a mark-up, which means that the staker is not getting the full amount in relation to the amount staked from the winnings.

    The term horse originates from the saying to "have a horse in the race", meaning the staker is invested into the stakees results and wants to see them succeed.
    In coaching for profit scenarios horses from the same player are bundled up in a stable, where they get coached and can exchange with other horses to further improve their chances of winning.
    The coach or coaches of such a stable have a coaching for profit agreement with every horse and encourage them to work together to increase their chances for success.

    Here at pokermarket you can stake a lot of players in the market section here, or make an offer to become a stakee!

    You can also make an application to one of the stables featured on this site to become a horse/stakee:

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