• A game variant seating up to six players, also called sixmax. Play commences as soon as two players are ready to play.
    A shorthanded or sixmax poker table and game variant seats a maximum of six players dealt into the game at the same time.

    Play at the table commences when at least two players are willing to play and stops when only one player wants to continue.

    It is the most preferred variant of play for all flop style games in online poker including Omaha and Holdem.

    Sixmax or shorthanded features the following table positions:

    If less than six players are seated and dealt in, the earliest positions are removed in their descending order according to the dealt-in player count.


    2 players or headsup

    Only SB and BB are in play

    3 players or 3-handed

    BTN, SB and BB are in play

    4 players or 4-handed

    CO, BTN, SB and BB are in play

    5 players or 5-handed

    MP, CO, BTN, SB and BB are in play

    6 players or 6-handed

    UTG, MP, CO, BTN, SB and BB are in play

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