• Every poker hand only involving two players dealt-in or remaining in the hand is called a headsup-situation. Also the poker variant seating a maximum of two players is called headsup.
    Headsup is special in blind style games because the dealer button here is the small blind, while the big blind is out of position. This is opposite to any other headcount of players, where starting with 3-handed the small blind is always the player out of position to everyone else at the table.

    The term originates from the two player's facing each other from both ends of the table. In live poker tournaments the seating arrangement is changed for the "headsup" by placing the two remaining players at opposite ends of the table.

    The abbrevation for headsup is HU.

    Headsup tables are one of three major table variants in online and live poker. The variant though is on decline in online poker, but in the past was seen as the ultimate battle between the skill of two players.
    Challenging another player to headsup for their entire bankroll ("hu for rolls!") usually always comes up when two player got into a heated argument for who is the better player.

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