Full Ring

  • A game table variant able to seat up to ten players dealt-in. Possible variations depending on the room or site are eight- to ten-max tables, with 9max being the most popular ring-game.
    The term originates from the poker table's seating being equal to the form of a ring. The part "full" implies that all seats possible are taken.

    Full Ring is one of the three major table forms used in poker and is the most used table form in live poker for cashgame and tournaments, while online it is major table form only for tournaments, with sixmax or shorthanded ring-games being more popular.

    Full Ring has the following positions:

    The positions are collapsed from ten players down to seven by removing a position, alternating by removing the last position from the UTG and MP section, starting with UTG. So the first position removed for nine-handed play is UTG+2.
    Some tools and sites decide to collapse starting with removing MP3 first though. There is no common way to do it, so keep in mind when you see certain full ring positional labeling systems.

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