• An agreement between players to receive a financial investment in return for a share of the profit.
    A staking deal's terms depend on what the stakee, the player who gets the funds to play with, and the staker, the player providing the funds, agree upon.
    For tournaments it can be for a single buy-in or a certain schedule, while cashgame-stakings are made for a certain handcount or time frame.

    The same stakee can be staked by multiple stakers, meaning the stakee is offering up shares of their actions for a certain percentage of the total investment.

    Buying shares of multiple stakees is a way to diversify poker investment in an effort to balance out more or less risky stakings, while keeping a good return of investment rate.

    A special form of staking is "Coaching for Profit".

    If you are interested in a staking, or are looking for an investment, check out the staking-section here at pokermarket!

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