• Another term for folding a hand, usually connected to a calling situation with great implications for the players involved.
    The term originates from "laying down your hand".

    A laydown is a sometimes spectacular fold, where everything entices the player to call. The strength of their hand, the size of the pot, the likelyness of the opponent bluffing or having a worse hand.

    Some times players are surprisingly right folding big hands in a spot due to a good read, i.e. "making an amazing laydown". Sometimes they are dead wrong and fold the winner, i.e. "making a terrible laydown".

    In general the better the related strength of the hand, the more unusual the situation is, the more attributed the laydown becomes.

    To be able to make the right laydowns, or make a player lay down a huge hand in a situation, is an important trait to master as a poker player and requires sound understanding of hand reading and situational awareness.

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