• A leak is a strategic flaw in the player's poker game or in the meta aspects of poker. It causes the player to "leak" EV to their opponents by making a flawed or wrong decision or a string of those somewhere during play.
    Finding and stopping leaks in their game is the essential way for a poker player to improve.

    Leaks can occur in the strategy itself or in meta-aspects of the game.

    Finding leaks can be easy or extremely hard depending on their nature and how objectively a player must be in order to spot them, especially when it comes to the meta-aspects. Sometimes it requires an outside expert to spot these leaks, that is why players tend to get coaching in order to improve and plug their leaks.

    Spotting leaks in one's own game, but also in the opponent's game and also in the meta game, is connected to the general skill level of a poker player.
    The more empirical experience a poker player gathers, the better that player's understanding of common leaks and where to look for them becomes.
    This is integral for advancing the own skill level. Being the player exploiting opponent's leaks while having the own leaks plugged up is where the edge is in poker between players.

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