• A blank, or brick card, is a board card that is irrelevant for the involved players hand value or range value.
    Depending on the situation there are more or less blank cards available.

    Drawy boards that are dynamic offer up very little cards considered to be bricks/blanks on the runout.

    Dry boards that are very static offer up a lot of blank/brick cards on the runout.

    Most blanks are offsuit to the board cards, or low in their value. An offsuit deuce is most likely to be a blank, while a suited to the board high card will surely have an impact on the strength of the involved players' hands.

    A brick is also considered a card that busted draws possible previously to the texture of the board.


    Flop is :Kss :3hh :3dd

    Turn :2cc , an absolute blank card
    River :5ss , also most likely a blank, though A4 now has a straight!

    Flop is :Ahh :7hh :6ss
    Tun :Thh , not really a blank, changing the relative handstrength massively and bringing up straights and flushes, improving top pair to two pair, putting up several straight draws and one card flush draws possibly too.
    River :2dd , again a blank compared to the board and also a brick for all those straight draws and one card flush draws.

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