• A walk happens when all player at the table folded to the player posting the largest blind bet without making a wager.
    "Getting a walk" is essentially the win for the biggest blind bet without having to do anything, due to every one folding without making a wager.

    In games with multiple blind bets this means also that the players in the smaller blind bets have surrendered their dead money blind bets too and folded to the largest blind bet preflop. So in a game with a straddle, the straddling player can get walked too.

    The term relates to baseball where a player that received four not playable throws from the pitcher, before getting three hitable pitches, is also "walked" to the first base, without having to "hit the ball".
    It is a known strategic move in baseball to walk a player intentionally that is known as a strong and powerful hitter.
    Translated to poker a small blind player might be hesitant to play out of position with a weaker hand against a strong villain sitting in the big blind and decide on giving that player a walk instead of getting into a could-be devestating scenario when getting involved in the hand.

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