• A tracker or tracking program is a tool that is used for statistical analyzis of hands played by the player and the opponents.
    A tracking tool is used in online poker by importing hand histories into a database and using routines in order to visualize and analyze statistical data.

    This can reach from simply tracking winning or losing, to strategical analysis, leakfinding capabilities and player profiling with note support.

    Tracking tools usually also carry the oppertunity to have a visual display of the most important statistics to hero and villains while playing at the table, a so called head-up-display or HUD.
    This allows for statistical analysis of the own and opponents play without taking the view of the player away from the table.

    The most popular tracking tools in online poker in today's market are HoldemManager, PokerTracker and Hand2Note. Check out pokermarket's Tool-Section for good deals on these programs!

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