Hand History

  • The format a poker hand is protocolled in containing all information necessary for the player or a software to read or import.
    Hand histories are used as a statistical protocol format in order to be comprehended and shared between players or programs alike.

    Each hand is individually logged from after the showdown of the last hand until the showdown has been progressed for the hand.

    Hand histories usually carry the following information logged in historical form from beginning of the hand to the end after showdown:

    • Date, time and locational information
    • General game type information like poker variant, limit, table size
    • Player information including name and or position and stacksize
    • Dealer information
    • Betting information
    • Card information
    • Action information
    • Showdown information
    • Chat between players during the hand
    Hand histories can be shared between players in plain text or with converter's that visualize the text information into easier reading for forums or websites.

    Hand histories are also the source used by poker tracker programs to access game data in order to provide statistical analyzis.

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