• Shortstack is used to describe the players holding the smallest amount of chips in their stack at the table. In general the term is also used also for a player who likes to buy-in short into cash games and in doing so becomes a "short-stacker".
    Being a short stack in a situation always has strategic and mathematical remnants towards the bigger stacks involved.

    Being a short stack in a tournament situation also means that every hand played threatens the elimination from the tournament by a bigger stack, also influencing the strategic requirements in order to survive as long as possible or become a big stack again.
    Becoming significantly shorstacked in big blinds might result in a diminished fold equity towards the bigger stacks that will take more risk in order to knock a short stack out of the tournament, without real damage to their own chip count.

    In the past shortstacking was a broad general strategy in cash games in order to have a mathematical advantage playing with 1 to 30 big blinds and shoving a lot preflop or on the flop. As the strategy tend to carry mathematical advantages and also tend to be a nuisance to other players wanting to play postflop, it has been practically removed from online poker by raising the minimum buy-in to 40 or more blinds at the tables and or hindering players to return to a previous table of play with a short stack again when they won more and left.

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