Big Stack

  • Playing a big stack means to either be above the average stack size in a tournament, or playing with 100 or more big blinds in a cash game.
    A big stack in a tournament situation always has the advantage of covering most other stacks at the table, always threatening the smaller stacks with elimination. This has big repurcussions on strategic play in certain phases of the tournament, where the big stack player should pressure and bully smaller stacks or try to preserve the big stack size as good as possible.

    In cash games buying in with at least 100 big blinds is considered to be playing a big stack strategy.
    The intention is to try to cover as many people at the table in order to achieve the maximum amount of profit possible.
    While this has obvious advantages, it gives implied odds to other players and mathematical disadvantages when being involved with big stacks and short stacks at the same time.
    Being aware of these facts is integral to playing successfully with a big stack.

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