Position / Seats

  • The Seat describes the ordered position at a poker table while playing poker. (Reminder: Rounding clockwise)
    Herefor will be 4 categories distinguished: Blinds (BL), Early Position (EP), Middle Position (MP) and Late Position (LP).

    Blinds= Big Blind & Small Blind
    EP= Under the Gun as UTG ( incl. +1,+2 in 9max)
    MP= MP or MP1, MP2
    LP= Cut-Off, Button

    As we know the existence of many table-defnitions (2-10 max) in the following pictures will be visualized the 3 mostly common table formats you will be faced with
    while joining a Cash Game, SnG or MTT:

    2max (also known as HU)6max (... as shorthanded)9max (... as Full Ring)

    Due to the fact of a dynamical game the borders between the seats/positions are more or less spongy.
    Also that more or less seats/positions will be taken into account or not for any kind of decisions the player will do.

    E.g.: When u join a 6max table and there are only 3 players you have a 4max game and in this case UTG (EP) and MP doesn't exist.

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