Forwared from „BTN“

  • The button is the ultimate late game position in every poker game. It is located to the direct right side of the blinds. It also indicates absolute position on all other players dealt into the hand.
    The button is considered the best position in poker. Positioned directly to the right of the blinds in holdem or omaha it is the ultimate and best late position.
    As the button has position on all other players involved in a hand and being a late game position, players are able to play a much wider range of hands.

    In poker games without a dedicated dealer the button also has the task of shuffling and dealing the cards. This is indicated through a dealer-button that is placed in front of the player. After shuffling the deck is presented to the player sitting on the right (the CO) to cut the card deck before dealing.

    The abbrevation for button is BTN or BU.

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