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  • After a betting round was opened by a bet, every wager made by the players that is an increase of the previously biggest wager for this round of betting is called a raise. Technically the bet, the first wager in a betting round, is also a raise (see bet).
    After a bet is made, the next player to act has the option to raise it, meaning depending on the game variant played the bet is increased to a certain size.

    To have an idea how many raises have occured in a betting round, a system of counting raises was established:

    While depending on the game variant raise sizings can be quite different, there is a special term for raising the minimum allowed, being called a "minraise". For example every raise in fixed limit poker is also a minraise, because the fixed betsizes only allow to make a minraise.

    If a player is not able to reraise a certain amount over the last raise due to being all-in this is considered as an incomplete raise depending on the site/house rules. An incomplete raise does not reopen the betting round, i.e. players who already acted in the betting round are not able to put in another raise, they can only call or fold to the incomplete raise made by the other player that is now all-in.

    No Limit 5/10

    BTN Mike $2000
    SB Steve $2000
    BB Sally $1000

    Steve posts the small blind $5
    Sally posts the big blind $10

    Mike raises to $20
    Steve 3bets to $60
    Sally 4bets to $220
    Mike calls, Steve calls

    Notice that the blinds are counted as the bet opening the betting round preflop, so the first reraise is already a 3bet.

    Pot: $660

    3Players, Flop :ah :qs :kc

    Steve checks
    Sally bets $200
    Mike reraises to $450
    Steve calls
    Sally 3bets to $780 and is all-in
    Mike calls
    Steve calls

    Notice that postflop the first reraise is just that and the next raise is counted as a 3bet. Notice also that Sally made an incomplete raise for her 3bet, so Mike and Steve can only call or fold to it for this round of betting.

    Mainpot: $3000

    3Players, 1 is all-in, Turn :ah :qs :kc :2d

    Steve checks
    Mike bets $1000 and is all-in
    Steve calls $1000 and is all-in

    3 Players Mainpot:$3000, 2 Players Sidepot: $2000

    3 Players, 3 are all-in, River :ah :qs :kc :2d :th

    Steve shows :kh :qh , Kings and Queens with King Kicker
    Sally shows :ad :ac , a set of aces, King Queen high
    Mike shows :as :kd , Aces and Kings with Queen Kicker

    Sally wins the main pot $3000 +$2000
    Mike wins the side pot $2000 +$0
    Steve loses -$2000

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