Betting round

  • A betting round is a phase during a poker hand where players are allowed to make wagers depending on the game variant played.
    Different variants have a different amount of betting rounds. For example Holdem- and Omaha-Games and most Draw-Games have up to four betting rounds, while Stud Games have up to five rounds of betting.

    Usually the first round of betting is made after holdcards have been dealt, with the last betting round happening after the last change of cards in draw games, the last community card in holdem- or omaha games is dealt (the river), or the last holecard is dealt in Stud variants (7th street). The remainder of betting rounds is spread around other the other street phases of the poker hand, always one betting round per street or draw.

    A betting round ends either because:

    • All players except the last raiser or bettor folded
    • All players have called or folded to the last raise made in the round
    • All players have checked the betting option once
    • A player made an incomplete raise to be all-in and everyone else called

    The game is No-Limit Holdem 5/10
    (This means there are two mandatory blind bets before the flop. A small blind bet of $5 from the player left of the dealer, and a $10 blind bet from the player left of the small blind better)

    Sam $1000
    Alex $1000
    Martin $1000

    Sam is dealing
    Alex posts the small blind of $5
    Martin posts the big blind of $10
    (Both blind wagers are considered to be bets, but both players have retained the option to call, raise or fold depending on the action, while the big blind can also check if no raise is made in this betting round by other players)

    (Action is on Sam, because there is no other player in the game besides the other two player who already put in blind bets this betting round, he chooses to raise the big blind bet from Martin by $10 to $20 total)
    Sam raises to $20
    Alex calls $15
    Martin calls $10
    (As all players called the last wager made by Sam, the betting round is ended)

    Pot: $60 3 players to the flop

    Flop is
    (new betting round)
    Alex checks
    Martin checks
    Sam checks
    (All three players checked their option to bet, so the betting round is closed without any wagers being made by the players involved in the hand)

    Pot: $60 3 players to the turn

    Turn is
    (new betting round)
    Alex checks
    Martin checks
    Sam bets $40 (First wager of the betting round)
    Alex folds
    Martin calls $40
    (Betting round is ended due to every player calling or folding to the bet)

    Pot: $140 2 players to the river

    River is
    (new betting round)
    Martin checks
    Sam bets $100 (First wager of the betting round)
    Martin raises to $350 (no longer the first wager of the betting round, so this is indeed a raise)
    Sam calls
    (last round of betting has ended)
    Martin shows , a flush Ace high)
    Sam mucks ( , a set of queens)

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