• Ante is a mandatory blind bet every player at an ante table has to put into the pot to be dealt into the following hand.
    Ante are always collected into the pot before the players get their cards dealt. They count towards the pot but not as a player made bet. Similar to the blinds they are deadmoney in the pot to be won by the player or players winning that hand. They are always part of the main pot.

    Antes can be part of pretty much every poker variant from flop style games, to draw games and Stud, they are found in tournaments and cashgames. In some formats antes take over the roll of the blinds, in other cases antes and blinds have to be posted.

    Usually antes are quite common in later stages of poker tournaments to decrease stack size even more in relation to the blinds increasing and also increase the action on the table while players stacks get constantly drained by those mandatory blind bets.

    Unlike straddles antes, if agreed upon by the table, are mandatory to be paid in order to get dealt in. While straddling is always on kind of a gentlemen's agreement to be carried out without forced intent, antes are to be paid until the table decides to remove them from the game.

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