• A call is made by a player matching another player's bet or raise.
    Call is one option a poker player has when facing a bet or a raise with chips remaining in their stack. It means that the player matches the wager made by the bettor to the same amount while staying in the hand.
    If a player is not able to match the amount due to his remaining stacksize being lower than the opponent's bet or raise, just the amount of the caller's stack gets pulled into the main pot, while the rest of the bet either gets returned to the bettor if there is no other player still involved, or is going to a sidepot when the other still involved players are either calling or raising the bettor.

    Coldcalling is a special term used when a player is facing a bet and at least one raise before they are to act and the player decides to call the last raise. Preflop, when the blinds are already considered a bet, calling a raise from a player is also already considered a coldcall.

    Overcalling is used to describe the situation when players call behind a player initially calling to a third player's raise.

    Limp-in or "Limping in" is the correct term for calling the big blind or bring-in preflop when there was no raise in front. Calling the blind preflop is in general called limping, as it appears weak compared to an openraise, like "limping in a race".

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