• Nits are considered players that are playing well below the average amount of hands in an effort to more often have the nuts. Nits can be regulars, but also recreational players.
    Nits tend to shy away from action. Their stronger starting hand ranges are tailored to extract value from wider ranges, while folding a lot of hands other players would consider playable enough to raise or call with.

    The tighter a regular gets the more he gets from nitty to becoming a rock, meaning the ranges played are so narrow and strong it is like "trying to break a rock" to win against them when they finally are involved in a pot.

    These players are mostly not big winners in the games as they are losing too much value not playing slightly +EV hands and also folding +EV hands to raises.

    Calling someone a "nit" has a derogatory meaning towards that player's poker skills. "Nobody likes a nit" is a well known saying used by regular players and recreational players alike.

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