• Buy-in specifies the least amount needed to have in order to take part in a poker game or poker tournament.
    For tournaments the buy-in is always payed when registering and results in the same starting stack for all players. An exception is the option to late register into tournaments which can result in a different stacksize then entering in the original registering time period for the specified buy-in.

    For cash-games a minimum and maximum buy-in for the table is declared. You can only buy-in for exactly the minimum to the exact maximum amount.


    Tournament has a Buy-in of $12+$1.5 Rake
    Player starting stack is 10000 chips
    Player pays buy-in and rake on registering, has not to pay rake again for the tournament unless there is the option to rebuy into it later on.

    Cash-Game NL200 Minimum Buy-in: $100 Maximum Buy-in: $200

    Player can buy-in for any amount between $100 and $200, at the table he can only rebuy chips until the table maximum buyin of $200 is reached for his stacksize.
    Rake is payed for every hand that goes postflop by the winner of the hand in relation to the pot

    When the player stands up from the table there are house rules how long the player must return to the table with the stacksize he left with before he can return with less chips, even if that is currently above the table buy-in limit. As these time periods are different from each house/site. This is introduced to prevent players ratholing winnings from a table.

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