Bad Beat

  • Losing a hand the player considered to be a huge favorite in to an unfortunate run of cards and luck.
    Bad beats are considered hands, where the villain only had very little amount of outs in order to catch up and crack the players strong holding, that the player lost.

    Every poker player has at least one bad beat story to tell.
    Reason for it is the inability to deal with the bad side of poker variance, which is part of a zero sum game poker inevitably is, meaning in order for someone to win, someone has also to lose, and as long as the opponent has equity in the hand there is the chance of losing the entire pot at showdown. So the truth of the matter is, there are no bad beats. Only variance how often certain events occur.


    Mike has :as :ac

    Steve has :9d :9h

    Board-Runout: :ad :9s :4d :8h :9d

    Mike later that day to another player: "I got such a bad beat today. I got dealt aces and this guy Steves raises me on A94 Flop, I call, turn is an 8, he bets, I raise all-in, he calls me. He has one out and he hits it. Unreal how bad I run. I can't stand this pokersite, it is so rigged...."

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