• A-Game means to be playing the best poker you are physically and mentally capeable of.
    It is a mindset term indicating the player is on top of the game and opponents tendencies and is using all information available to make well thought out decisions at the table.

    It is quite obvious that the performance a poker player is able to bring to the table is not always on the same level of excellency. There are factors like exhaustion, mental issues like tilting or bad emotional states, disctraction and awareness that are different each day and how long a player is into a session.

    Slipping away from the best state of play means slipping in the so called B-Game, where some or most decision happen in autopilot mode, meaning the player is just subconciously deciding and the rest of his cognitive conciousness is busy doing other things or in general no longer aware what is going on completely at the tables. These are certainly the indicators to take a break or even quit, if you are not playing exceptionally soft tables.

    Slipping even further into C-game, meaning a state even worse than B-game, dropping eventually from a winning player in the current game to a losing player. Even more autopiloting, bad decisions, less logic more emotional ups and downs, no state to be involved in a game of poker.

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