Dead Money

  • Dead money refers to the amount in the pot that was wagered by players either no longer active in the hand, due to having folded, or who are very likely to fold, or are certain to have neither fold-equity nor pot-equity in that hand any more.
    Dead money changes the pot odds for the still active players, improving their pot odds and increasing the ratio of risk and reward in their favor.

    Sometimes dead money is also used as a derogative term towards weaker players, meaning that they will probably donate their stack to the other players at the table without considerable chances of winning money themselves.

    Also someone with zero pot-equity and fold-equity in a hand can be called "dead money". If a player has no chance of winning any possible result of a hand, the player is called "drawing dead", meaning every wager the player made into the pot, or will make into the pot, is also dead money towards the other still involved player or players.


    $5/$10 NL Holdem, 3 players

    BTN Steve $1000
    SB Adam $1000
    BB Julie $1000

    Steve is the BTN with :Ass :Kss

    Adam posts the small blind $5
    Julie posts the big blind $10

    Steve raises to $20
    Adam folds
    Julie calls $10

    Notice that Adam has folded, so there is already $5 dead money in the pot for the other two players to grab

    Pot: $45

    2 players, Flop is :Qss :Jss :Tss

    Julie bets $30
    Sneaky Steve calls $30


    Notice that Julie regardless of her hand is drawing dead, turning all her wagers made and to be made into dead money for sneaky Steve, who decided to only call the stone cold nuts, with the hope of Julie commiting additional dead money to the pot.

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