• A cooler happens when a player loses a hand with a very strong holding to an even better one.
    "Getting coolered" is usually used to explain a situation when there is no way to play a hand differently, because it is too strong, but in the end the opponent is showing a hand that still beats it or gets there in order to beat it.

    dealt to Mike :Ass :Tss

    dealt to Steve :8ss :9ss

    Board Runout :6ss :7ss :2hh :Qss :5ss

    Notice how Mike is a huge favorite on the turn, while Steve has a hand too strong to fold with very little pot-equity and zero fold-equity because Mike has the nuts currently. On the river Steve improves to a straight flush, but Mike still holds a very strong hand with the Ace high flush, only getting beat by straight flushes, while beating everything else. So while it looked like Steve was in for a huge cooler himself on the turn, Mike is not going anywhere on the river and will be not happy seeing showdown realizing Steve got there. Such a cooler for Mike!

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