Pot Equity

  • Pot equity expresses the share of the pot a player would win on over all possible runouts in relation to the current all-in equity his hand has to all other hands still involved in the pot.
    The sum of pot-equity and fold-equity of a hand is only equal to the current expected value of a hand if the players were all-in.

    This is important to realize, because when there are still future cards and betting rounds to come during a hand, the expected value of a hand also needs to consider those in order to get the real expected value calculated. This is called considering the future expected value, or future EV of a hand.

    Only when you put in the last wager to be allin, the sum of pot-equity and fold-equity equals the total expected value of a hand. Else you have to acknowledge and consider future EV too.

    Example for calculating pot-equity

    Hero is holding :8ss :7hh
    Villain is holding :Ass :Ahh

    Potsize: $100

    Flop is :5dd :6dd :Qcc

    Board: 5d6dQc
    Equity Win Tie
    MP2 34.24% 34.24% 0.00% { 8s7h }
    MP3 65.76% 65.76% 0.00% { AhAs }

    Hero has 34.24% equity versus villain. The pot is $100. Hero's pot-equity is $100 * 0.3424 = $34.24.

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