Implied Odds

  • Implied Odds express the speculative amount to be won if you make your hand in relation to the wager.
    Implied Odds = Expected Amount to be won / Wager to be paid

    Implied Odds, or Implieds are a very speculative term, which is calculated empirically or plain oberservationally. The amount to be won if you improve to the best hand is very much dependent on your opponent's tendencies.

    If you face a wager and you are calculating your pot odds to see if you are able to make the call, you might come up short, but can sometimes rely on implied odds in order to have a positive expected value on staying involved in the hand.

    Having implied odds lowers the required equity to call with a hand that needs to improve to win at showdown. The more implieds you have the less current pot-equity and fold-equity is required to achieve a positive expected value.
    Accordingly implied odds are part of future EV (see Future EV).

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