Under the gun

Forwared from „UTG“

  • Under the gun denotes the position or player who is first to act.
    Under the gun means first to act. The imagery of having a gun pointed demanding action coins the term.

    Under the gun is often abbreviated as UTG, UT or EP (early position). It denotes the first to act position of a player on the first street in a any given poker hand.

    At a 6-handed poker game, the six positions starting left of the big blind are typically denoted as

    Under the gun always denotes the first player to act in a poker hand. In long handed games, such as 10-handed, positions are often written as UTG, UTG+1, UTG+2, ... , referring to the seats after UTG. In In heads up games, the term is not used.

    Calling the first player to act on later streets under the gun has faded out of style.

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