Forwared from „mucks“

  • Fold is the expression for not calling or raising a bet and instead surrendering your hand. A player folding to a bet reserves the right to show their cards depending on the house rules.
    When it is the player's turn in a betting round facing a wager he can decide to fold the hand. This means he surrenders his holding to the dealer who places the cards into the muck.

    The muck is the place at the table where the dealer collect all folded cards and burned cards in order to shuffle them back into the deck when the hand is concluded. Placing your hand into the muck, or folding, means your hand is dead. Depending on house rules there is a line in front of each player in live poker at the table, any chip or holecards that cross this line is either considered a wager or a muck/fold. Be aware of this in order to not get into a situation where the dealer has to call your hand dead due to it being considered "put in the muck" by the player crossing the line in front of them with their holecards.

    By folding the player also surrenders any right to winning the pot and any betting rights until the hand is concluded.

    Openfolding is the expression for folding the hand at the beginning of a betting round without a voluntary wager being placed by another player. While openfolding hands is good before the flop due to having to call the blind bets in order to be involved. Folding postflop without facing a bet is not a good play, because there is the chance of either seeing another card for free, as most hands have at least a small amount of pot-equity, or if in the last round of betting to participate at showdown if there is any hand involved you can theoretically beat.

    Mucking is another word for folding, which is used especially at showdown when a player already showed a stronger hand. Depending on the house rules a showdown muck can be requested to be shown. It is a gentlemen's agreement to not having to show when mucking though and can be seen as a breach of etiquette to request to see a mucked hand from an opponent in order to gain a read. In online poker it depends on the site rules if mucked hands can be seen or not at showdown.

    It is also considered bad mannered to fold a hand face-up when there are still more than one player involved into the hand. Usually the house rules specify when it is allowed to show a holecard, even when folding or mucking.

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