• Check, or checking means to surrender the right to make the first bet in a betting round to the next player in line without folding the hand.
    A check is the passive option to take while still trying to stay in the hand. When another player bets and the action is back on the player that checked, now the player can decide to raise, call or fold. As soon as a betting round is opened with a bet the right to check is revoked from all players, with the expection of the play with the biggest blind bet placed into the pot in that betting round as long as this bet has not been raised.

    Checking behind or checking back means to also check after the players before have already checked their option to bet as well. This term is also used when the player checking back/ checking behind is closing the action of the betting round.

    Checking is a strategic tool to manipulate the potsize, either by pot-controlling through check-calling trying to keep it small, or pot-inflation through check-raising.

    In live poker a player that is first to act in the next round of betting can announce that they are "checking in the dark" meaning that irrelevant of the next dealt card they will check without knowing it. The move is used to disguise their hand while surrendering the option to bet themselves. Depending on the situation and opponent this can be stupid or smart.

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