• The kicker in flop style games is the bycard with the highest value that is not needed to form your highest ranked hand value from community and holecards combined, but still belongs to your made hand.
    Every made hand that does not require five cards to form in a flop style poker game has one or more kicker cards. When two players have the same made hand the bycards are considered to see if a player has a higher bycard or kicker than the opponent and is able to form a made hand with a better kicker. If that is the case the better "kickered" hand wins the pot, the player has effectively "outkickered" his opponents hand. A legitimate win condition at showdown.

    An exception are flushes. Irrelevant of formed with one or two holecards in holdem when two players have a flush, the one with the highest card that is not matched by the opponent wins. The only instance were two flushes are equal and the pot is split is when both players have a flush only through the five community cards. As in omaha you need both holecards to make a made hand, there is always a higher and a lower flush, so this only happens in holdem typ games.

    Made hand types that contain one or more kickers in holdem:

    • High card
    • Pair
    • Two Pair
    • Trips or Sets
    • Quads
    Made hand types that contain no kickers:

    • One and two card straights
    • Straightflushes
    • Full Houses
    Preflop if you do not have a pocket pair, the smaller card of your hand is considered the kicker, as you effectively start the hand with the made hand value of your highest hole card.


    Steve has :Qdd :Jss
    Mike has :Qss :Tdd

    a) Board Runout: :Qcc :9ss :3hh :5dd :6dd
    Both have a pair of queens, Steve though has a jack as kicker, while Mike only has a ten as highest kicker. Steve wins the pot.

    b) Board Runout: :Kcc :Kdd :Qhh :Ass :4dd
    Both have two pairs kings and queens, with ace kicker. The pot is split

    c) Board Runout: :Ass :5ss :6ss :8ss :Tcc
    Both have a flush, but Mike has an ace-queen-high flush, while Steve has an ace-jack-high flush. Mike wins the pot.

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