• If you hand has a reasonable chance to be the best hand at showdown, it has showdown value.
    Showdown value means that there is a solid chance to win the pot at showdown.

    Usually a made hand is required to have showdown value, but depending on the situation even Ace high can have thin showdown value. In other cases even a single pair has no to little showdown value. The relative handstrength of a holding in relation to the handrange of the opponent, the betting history of the hand and the community board texture decide on how much showdown value a hand has.

    In some cases a hand has enough showdown value to call a bet, but is not strong enough to valuebet on their own. This is a classical bluffcatching situation or potcontrolling situation, where the EV of the hand stems from reaching the showdown as cheap as possible while keeping the opponents range as wide as possible to retain a lot of showdown value.



    SB Steve $1000
    BB Martin $1000

    Steve posts the small blind $5
    Martin posts the big blind $10

    Steve has :9s :8s

    Steve raises to $30
    Martin calls $20

    Pot: 60

    Flop is :ah :ts :2d

    Martin checks
    Steve bets $30
    Martin calls $30

    Notice how Steve has 9 high, absolutely no showdown value whatsoever, but he flopped a backdoor flush and straight draw and has some foldequity versus better hand that might already fold to a bet. He decides to continuation bet
    Pot: $120 Turn is :ah :ts :2d :9c

    Martin checks
    Steve checks

    Steve improves to a pair of nines, but cannot really bet for value due to the board already showing two overcards and him cbetting the flop has narrowed his opponents range already towards value combos and bluffcatchers. But his pair of nines still has some showdown value against some lower pocket pairs and draws

    Pot: $120 River is :ah :ts :2d :9c :6c

    Martin bets $65
    Steve calls $65

    Steve has a decision to make if he thinks he has enough showdown value to win the pot often enough against Martin's bet. He decides on calling after thinking a lot about what bluffs his opponent could have!

    Martin shows :qs :jh , ace high queen kicker
    Steve shows :9s :8s , a pair of nines ace kicker
    Steve wins the pot $250

    His opponent actually had a busted gutshot he decided to bluff at the river. Steve is still unsure though about his river call. At least he saw the showdown with his hand and in this case got his showdown value!

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