• Rakeback is the expression for getting a share of the paid rake back through an affiliate or bonus program.
    Rakeback is usually offered from pokersites through affiliates, like pokermarket, that bring new players to the specified poker site.

    Usually the rakeback systems are designed to reward loyality with a higher amount of rakeback, but there are also flat rakeback deals.

    These are always win-win-situations for the player, the affiliate and also the pokersite as everyone gets a piece of the cake. The player gets more money through getting a better deal than signing with the pokersite directly, the affiliate gets either a share of the players rake or a bonus payment to bring the player to the site and the poker site gains a new customer that adds revenue to their company.

    Pokermarket is a large affiliate that offers good rakeback and bonus deals for every important poker site on the market, including rake races for additional rakeback and also good deals on poker tools: pokermarket.com/deals.php#!/sites

    You can use the pokermarket calculator to find the best deal for your style of play: pokermarket.com/deals.php#!/deals

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