• All-in means betting the maximum amount possible, typically the full stack.
    All-in can be abbreviated as AI or ai. It describes the situation where the betting action is closed before showdown is reached by means of all the chips being bet.

    Synonyms to the action of going all-in include: to jam, to shove, to push, to go with it, to go broke.

    All-in is a prestigious term outside of poker, denoting full commitment. It is used in many a Hollywood movies to show

    When a player bets his or her last chip in the chip stack, he or she is all-in. The betting closes for him or her. If there is at least one person matching the bet, a showdown will be reached without further betting for the all-in player. The action doesn't close for other players that have extra chips left. The action for the remaining players continues as usual, creating a side-pot.

    Example for side-pot action after all-in wrote:

    The blinds are $5 and $10.

    Alex raises to $20
    Bert calls
    Callum raises all-in for $100
    Alex calls
    Bert calls

    Alex bets $100
    Bert calls

    Alex bets $200
    Bert folds

    no action

    Showdown between Alex and Callum is reached for a $300 pot. Alex wins $200 uncontested side pot.

    Notice that after Callum is all-in preflop, he raises a showdown, without putting in any more bets. The action is closed for him. Alex and Bert, on the other hand, do continue play as usual. Once the flop was bet between Alex and Bert, a $200 side-pot was created. Callum cannot win the side pot, only Alex and Bert play for it. Since Bert folds the turn, the side pot is awarded to Alex, regardless whether Callum has him beat at showdown.

    An all-in doesn't have to be a full raise to be a legal action. All-in is always a legal raise size. Rules for re-opening the action after an all-in vary. A full raise all-in always re-opens the action. An all-in raise between 25% and 100% of a full raise creates a grey area.

    Example for action re-opening after all-in wrote:

    folds to Alex[/i]

    Alex now has the option to re-raise. Bert's raise was a full raise.
    If Bert had raised all-in to $21, and Callum had called, then Alex could not re-raise.
    If Bert had raised all-in to $25, and Callum had called, then whether Alex could re-raise or not would depend on the house rules

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