Linear Range

  • A linear range is formed by adding the x% of top equity hands for the situation.
    A linear structure always means to pick the top equity hands and move down until you reach the equity threshold for the situation.

    A common spot where a linear range is played is the small blind. As the player is always out of position in the hand, a popular approach is to only play hands by entering as the reraiser or threebetter into the pot, or having only a small coldcalling range preflop. In order to adjust for being OOP in the pot the range has to be stronger than a polarized or merged 3betting range. To achieve this a linear approach is chosen that includes the top x% of equity hands for the situation.


    Steve wants to play a linear 3betting range from the SB against the BTN. He does not want to coldcall at all so in order to deny autoprofit to the BTN he has to account for the shared defense responseability for the players in the blinds. He thinks he can play a 15% linear range in the small blind in order to deny the button auto profit and still be strong enough to play a 3bet pot out of position.

    Steve's 15% SB strictly linear 3betting range against one player on the BTN would be:

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