Depolarized Range

  • A depolarized range is a range that folded out the bottom part of equity hands due to the action of the opponent.
    Usually calling ranges are the most common ranges to become depolarized due to the betting history of a hand. A calling range preflop is usually a capped range, with the preflop agressor having the uncapped range. This asymmetrical range versus range situation is often leading to the capped calling player becoming depolarized against the polarized bets of the preflop aggressor making use of their uncapped range.

    Everytime an opponent bets on a street, the player has to call a certain amount of the range played depending on the betsize of the player. It should be logical that hero will try to simply fold the hands that show the lowest pot-equity, have the lowest fold-equity when using them to raise and in general have no implied outs or a good future EV in the hand. Thus the range becomes depolarized on the next street.

    Now if the opponent bets again the depolarization effect is getting even stronger, while the opponent is becoming more and more polarized. A player which range is getting depolarized is also forcing considerable pressure on value combinations that are becoming "thin" as a valuebet. Due to the depolarized range gaining strength.

    Becoming depolarized has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Sometimes a capped player is forced into a situation where he is only able to beat the opponents bluffs, while in other situations the amount of value combinations an uncapped opponent still has due to texture and depolarization of the opponent becomes so little that they cannot bet that frequent allowing the depolarized player some breathing room and getting to showdown with a bigger part of the remaining range.

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