Hole Cards

Forwared from „holecards“

  • Hole cards are cards dealed face down to the individual player that are not shown to the opponent and are only known to the individual player until the showdown.
    In texas hold-em the player is dealt two holecards, while in omaha each dealt-in player receives four cards.

    While in hold-em the player is simply playing the best possible hand value from the five community cards and hole cards combined, in omaha the players always have two use two of their four holecards with three cards from the community board to form their best hand possible. This is an important difference to hold-em and a huge mistake hold-em players new to omaha tend to make. Reading the board correctly is different than in hold-em and can lead to missreading the own handstrength.


    Hero has :Ass :Tss

    a) Board runout is :Ahh :Add :Acc :Kcc :Qcc -> Hero's best hand is using the :Ass from the hole cards and :Ahh :Add :Acc :Kcc from the board.
    b) Board runout is :Thh :Tdd :Tcc :Kcc :Qcc -> Hero's best hand is using both hole cards :Ass :Tss and :Thh :Tdd :Tcc from the board.

    Hero has :6ss :7ss

    c) Board runout is :Ahh :Qhh :Khh :Jhh :Thh -> Hero plays the board and has a royal flush!

    Let us switch to omaha!

    Hero has :Ahh :Kss :Qss :jcc

    Board runout is :2hh :4hh :5hh :Kcc :8hh -> Hero does not have a flush in this situation, as two holecards have to be used to form the hand -> Hero's hand is a pair of kings, ace kicker :Ahh :Kss :Kcc :8hh :5hh

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