Forwared from „blocking bet“

  • A blockbet is a smaller size bet made by a player in a betting round to keep the villains from betting a larger size bet in the same round.
    Blockbets are a strategic tool in spots where the player wants to keep the pot smaller in order to see future cards dealt and keep the opponent from being able to make the initial wager in possible larger size during the same betting round.
    This bet is designed to keep the stack to pot ratio smaller, force the opponent to raise, in order to get more money into the pot, which indicates a quite strong hand to do so with, resulting in an easy decision for the blockbetting player in order to proceed or fold.

    Often blockbets are played when the handstrength would be able to call a small bet and wants to see future cards, while not really wanting to play for a bigger pot at this point.
    After the river is dealt, blockbets are also used to leverage a fairly cheap showdown, due to the opponent having to decide if his hand really is strong enough to put in a raise.

    In some situations a blockbet can accomplish a very important hand reading tell, knowing the opponent would call all weaker hands, but raise all stronger hands.
    This is also called forcing a range-split, where the opponents range of holdings is perfectly chopped in worse hands calling and better hands raising.
    Understanding those spots allows to go for thin value in situations where most players might have checked to the opponent.

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