Nosebleed Stakes

  • Nosebleeds are the highest stakes possible to be played in cash-games. Everything above the High Stake Level is considered the "nosebleeds".
    The term is used to describe the insane monetary pressure at the highest of stake levels possible to be played. The nosebleeds usually begins at $200/$400 blinds meaning a $40000 buy-in price tag, up to the insane amounts of $2000/$4000 blind levels where pots can bloat up to be in the high six digit figures. No wonder a bad session could lead to a bleeding nose here, while the equivalent of houses and luxury cars exchange hands in a single hand.

    It is uncertain if the original "nosebleed" terminology was actually derived from the connection between high rolling player, meaning player's with huge bankrolls playing in the biggest game and their affinity for cocaine, which of course when used exessively, might cause the name-giving "nosebleed".

    Famous for the biggest casino "nosebleed" games, that are public knowledge are the games in the "Bobby's Room" at the Aria casino in Las Vegas, while the biggest games held in Macao's casinos might currently be the biggest casino held cash-games in the world. What goes on in private rounds with billionaire business men and certain rich poker pros might even exceed those stakes even further.

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