High stakes

  • Highstakes is the term used for the stake levels between $5/$10 to $50/$100 in online cashgames and above $200 buy-in level for online tournaments.
    Highstakes means the wagers are high, the risk is huge, a lot of money is on the line in every pot played.
    These are currently the online stakes, where the really good players are battling each other for bragging rights and money. The games are usually extremely tough and competitve online.

    Only the nosebleed stake level is above the high-stakes and usually requires a special vetting process through the online site to be eligeable, so currently the highstakes are actually the highest publicly available games in online poker when this entry was written in 2017.

    Highstakes tournaments are usually the highest buy-in tournaments a pokersite runs regularly ranging from $200 to $1000+ buy-in amount.

    Highstakes Poker was also the name of the most popular TV poker show which featured a fullring cash-game hosting the most known and or best skilled cash-game players at the time.
    Being a player on that show, commentated by AJ Benza and Gabe Caplan, was a strong indicator that you belonged to the elite circle of live or online cashgame-players of that time.
    The show ran from 2005 for seven seasons longside the online-poker boom until it was inevitably cancelled by the GSN network.

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