• Midstakes is the stake level range between $2/$4 up to $5/$10 in online no-limit cash games.
    Midstakes are the stake levels where online cash-game player tend to start making a really good living if they constantly win in those games. It is quite normal to have four digit losing or winning sessions every other day and not every player is able to deal with these swings, when there are working monthly wages won and lost in a week or less playing. The games are usually also very competitive like the high-stakes games, but the average player skill is a little lower and there are more recreational players hopping into the games for the thrill of gambling for big sums of money with good players.

    The normal stake range for midstakes is:
    • NL400 -> $2/$4
    • NL500 -> $2.5/5
    • NL600 -> $3/$6

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