Small Stakes

  • Small stakes, also called low stakes, is the stake level range for online cash-games between $0.25/$0.50 to $1/$2.
    Small stakes are the second tier of stake levels a player in online poker is moving through. After leaving the micro stakes a regular player usually possesses a basic knowledge of poker and knows how to think in ranges and knows basic handreading. At the beginning of playing small stakes the competition tends to get a bit tougher compared to the highest micro stake level of NL20 or NL25.

    At this point the amount of work a player has to do in order to win in these games increases by a lot, which often cannot be simply short tracked but takes a lot of time and effort to push through these stake tiers into the midstakes. Making it from micro to midstakes in under two years is a major accomplishment for a new player. Most players will either never reach the highest small stake levels, or spend a lot of time in the small stakes until bankroll and skill level allows to take shots at the midstakes.

    Smallstakes levels are usually:

    • NL50 -> $0.25/$0.5
    • NL100 -> $0.5/S1
    • NL200 -> $1/$2

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