• A fish is a weak poker player
    A fish is normally a player that has played very little poker and is seen as an easy target by the other players at the table.

    A fish will often make many mistakes, play to many weak holdings and will often lose when playing.

    The word fish is often used when mocking weaker players.

    The opposite to a fish is a "shark", who is a very good player at the table

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  • wafflecrunch -

    Little backstory:

    The term fish is actually derived from the prison slang word for a first time offender, who has no clue about the ins and outs of what it means to be around the long time experienced prisoners and is oblivious to the danger he is in when entering into prison life. He is like a fish being circled by sharks. That is why strong players are called sharks too, while the green new players are called fish.

    As fish has become an obvious term that is also used as an insult, there are politer forms of expressing a player is not as well versed: He is a recreational player, meaning he only plays poker to have fun. Thus he may also be called a fun player, literally meaning he is fun to have at the table, while he is also enjoying the experience by just being able to play.