Average Stacksize

  • Average stacksize is the median of all remaining players involved stacksizes, used as a statistic to evaluate the players position in a tournament and determine big stack or small stack values in relation to the average stacksize.
    For a tournament the statistic has great impact on how much pressure the player is able to put out during a certain phase.

    As a big stack, being well above the tournament average, the player is able to use the additional chips trying to get into more pots, effectively trying to accumulate more chips with a slightly higher risk.
    As fold-equity in tournaments is not only related to stacksizes, but also to the payout-structure, being a big stack always carries huge advantages in situations like the bubble stage, where the smaller stacks in the tournament try to make it into the money, being more eager to fold hands to reach that goal resulting in higher fold-equity towards stacks that threaten their elimination during a single played hand.

    As a small stack or short stack, being below average tournament stacksize, you are in the predicament of being covered by most other players, meaning a lost all-in scenario will mean busting out of the tournament. This forces a certain playstyle when raising into big stacks or facing bigger stacks. Being short stacked has a different influence in regards to the stage of the tournament, like being a big stack. In some phases being below average is still not a big problem, while in the later stages every chip counts, as the payout gaps increase and being able to survive a lost all-in situation is precious.

    In a cashgame being below the average stacksize most likely means that the player is the one holding the main pot effective stacksize for the hand played, meaning the player most likely does not cover all involved players' stacks. This can be to their advantage when playing a short stack strategy approach, but most likely will result in lost value.
    This is why players often decide to rebuy, or add-on chips after losing a certain amount of chips in order to cover as many players as possible.

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