Backdoor Draw

  • A backdoor, or runner-runner draw, is the term used for all draws that require two additional community cards in order to complete the hand.
    While the expression limits the draw to exist only on the flop, they always gain relevance on certain turn board run-outs. Without a certain turn card backdoor draws seize to exist and lose most of their pot-equity.

    The term runner-runner implies that it is always needed to hit the turn and the river to make the hand. So backdoor, or runner-runner draws, are always draws needing two additional community cards to complete.

    Due to the differences in flop-style games in the amount of holecards and how hands are made in conjunction with the community board cards, backdoor draws possess different importance in omaha and holdem.
    While omaha players always tend to hold more pot-equity in backdoor draws due to the nature of holding four cards as their holecards, hold-em players with the fact that only one or no holecard is needed to make a hand have more different options of "backdooring" into a hand.

    Possible backdoor draws are:
    • Flushdraws
    • Straightdraws
    • A hand that can significantly improve in pair value with two additional cards, e.g. improving from one pair on the flop to a full house, or quads, or improving from high card value on the flop to two pair or trips
    The chance of making a runner-runner are slim to none in most cases, with backdoor flushdraws retaining the most pot-equity. Realizing this portion of pot-equity often becomes difficult to lack of pot odds on the flop or turn.

    In omaha, backdoor draws can also be present in a player's hand while already holding a made hand, which improves the realization of the draw and making them a nice equity boost when they are to the nuts especially.

    Player cards :Ass :5ss Flop: :Qss :6hh :7hh

    The player has a backdoor flush-draw and also a backdoor-one-card-straight-draw. There is also the chance to improve to trip fives or trip aces, or to improve to two pair with a 5 and an ace on the turn and river.

    Player cards: :Ass :Kss :Ahh :Khh Flop :Jhh :6ss :9cc

    Welcome to Omaha! The player has backdoor nutflush draws on two heart or spade runouts, backdoor full house draw on running jacks, backdoor quad draws on running aces or kings, and also a runner-runner straight draw if the runout involves a queen and a ten.

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