• A straight-draw with four outs, requiring an inside card of the straight in order to complete. Also called a "Belly Buster" or "Inside Straight Draw"
    It is the weakest of all possible straight draws only having four outs to complete it. In rare case the outs can double to eight, making it equal to an open-ended straight-draw, when there are two possible inside straight-draws at the same time possible.


    Player has: :Tss :8hh Flop is: :Jss :9cc :6dd
    The player requires a seven to complete the straight draw, having four outs if the other involved players have not been dealt a seven yet.

    Player has: :Tss :4hh Flop is: :8ss :7hh :6dd
    The player has a double gut-shot! The player can improve to a straight with a nine or a five, having eight outs instead of only four.

    Notice how the gutter in the first example is to the nuts, while the double-gutter in the second example is not as both straights are dominated by T9 to begin with, only able to split on hitting a nine, while losing to it on a five! It is important to always check if your gutshot is to the possible nut straight!

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