• Oppertunity to make the first bet due to the players previously to act folding or checking their hands. Usually used in preflop scenarios.
    A lot of hands become playable in a certain position if you are the first-in player, meaning you are able to put in the first bet in a betting round.
    The same hands might not be playable if another player has already opened the betting.

    This is usually through lower fold-equity and pot-equity against the opening player's range of hands.


    Hero is on the button with :Add :3hh in a shorthanded nl-holdem-game with six players dealt in.

    Scenario A: all player fold, hero has the change to put in the first bet to win the blinds -> The hand has a EV higher by playing than 0, which it would have by folding it.

    Scenario B: UTG openraises to 3BB, 2 folds, Hero ? -> The hand's EV is questionable to be higher for a call, than a fold. It is also not a good hand to 3-bet with as the pot-equity versus a defending range is very, very low, domination effects are terrible and the only thing it has going for it is the blocker versus Ax type hands in the opponents range. So most likely the player should be folding. If he would only had the chance to be first-in, the decision would have been so easy and profitable!

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