Final Table

  • The last remaining table to be formed with the last remaining players in a tournament is called the final table.
    It is always the goal to reach the final table of a tournament. This is where the payout-structure gets exciting, with huge jumps up in value by just besting out another player.

    With one more player left over to be eliminated in order to form the final table, there is most likely a high incentive to not be that player. This is called the final table bubble, with the player eliminated being the final table bubble girl or boy. This adds an intriguing additional strategic phase to tournaments, with all players trying to make the final table.

    Reaching final tables in big tournaments is always a big achievement on its own, that is why the amount of final tables reached is a statistic often used to rate a player's career, especially when it comes to prestigious tournament fields like the World Series of Poker, or European Poker Tour in live poker, or tournament series like the SCOOP or WCOOP on pokerstars in online-poker.

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