Full House

  • A full house, often also called a "boat", is a five card made hand containing three of a kind and a pair.
    The term "full house" developed from the earlier term of "having a full hand", which in five card poker games meant having everything paired up with each other using all five cards. That is only possible if you have three of a kind and an additional pair in your hand.

    The syntax of a full house's value is usually the plural of the "three of a kind" 's card type used as the prefix, with the plural of the pair's card type used as the suffix.

    :Kss :Khh :Kdd :5ss :5hh would be "Kings full of fives", or "Kings over fives".

    Often player's use the term "boat" or "full boat" meaning a full house.

    The origin is debated to either be the boat-size shape of three cards over two cards, or the term deriving from a man losing a river boat in a hand where his flush was beaten by a full house back in the days. Nobody knows for sure, but the term has been stable in use throughout more than a century.

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